Client’s Speak

  • Yagnaum is developing complex and mission critical web funtionality for our organization and we intend to seek their services on a ongoing basis.

    - Tom Ehlers, President, Method Test Prep.
  • This firm is a dream to work with. Their team is superlative and exceeds expectations.

    - Malik Simon, Solutions Architect, Team5.
  • You guys are incredible

    - Mike Sid, CEO, Mediamorph.

Each month, we recognize our Clients for their invaluable support to us in enhancing our service to them.  The support may be categorized into setting mutual and realistic goals, transparent feedback, acknowledging our work and motivating/inspiring us to do better.

Month Client Description
January-2014 Darrin Straff, Dorsey Group

Darrin has been a trusted client and partner
for more than 2 years, has been helpful in sharing
valuable insights on recruiting training.

December-2013 Girish Mhatre, Good Earth

Girish trusted our abilities as a Technology
partner and made an introduction to a reputable
client towards developing a mobile platform.

November-2013 Richard Wallace, TNSV

Richard Wallace has been a great client and a
partner through out our relationship. This month
we initiated the steps towards building an
innovative publishing platform as a

October-2013 Michael Lebor, CMO, Jwed

Michael was very considerate by facilitating us
to shoot a video testimonial; Also he provided
some valuable advice on enhancing our firm’s
service offerings and brand

February-2013 Suresh Thoutam, Managing
Partner, Wiztech Corp

Suresh has been a great partner both as a
Vendor and Client, had shown amazing persistence
through out our relationship, only because of
which we successfully closed couple of recruiting
opportunities recently. 

January-2013 Terry Wang, Applications
Analyst, ASHP

Terry was extremely cooperative and patient
with our team while developing the android mobile
app, provided the right information and feedback
which let us execute the project successfully.

October-2012 Pradeep Yedla, PMSC,INC.

Pradeep has been a great partner both as a
Vendor and Client through out our relationship. He
has always given his best towards ensuring a
win-win, and we cherish his partnership.

September-2012 Nicholas Scarpa, HR
Manager, Ithaka

 Nick trusted us and gave us the
opportunity to help his team find Desktop Support
Professional. This will reiterate our commitment
to serving Ithaka to the best of our

August-2012 Pavan Borra, Management &
Compliance Systems, Bank Of Tokyo

Pavan is extremely personable and very helpful
as a client manager  in making us understand
the details of their hiring needs; This has really
helped us in filtering the right candidates in our
recruiting process. 

July-2012 Richard Wallace, TNSV

Richard, as a client for over 3 years has
contributed by trusting us throughout our
relationship with TNSV, he has always
been patient and understanding in receiving

June-2012 Sai Gundavelli, CEO, Solix

Sai is inspirational by being extemely helpful
and his down to the earth attitude. This month,
his contributions on mentoring few business
principles and some new introductions are

May-2012 Alice Pandaliano, Bank of
Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Director - Systems Office
of the Americas

Alice trusted us and gave us the opportunity to
help her with a Project Manager position that she
needs to fill. This will help us in our endeavor
to become an official provider to Bank of

April-2012 Maya Peyer, Head IT,
Applications Support, Credit Suisse Credit

Maya, as a client manager for over an year has
always treated Yagnaum and our Resources as a
partner in their success; She has been very
personable and cooperative in allocating time with
us to share valuable feedback and acknowledging
our resources´value addition on our
client´s projects. 

March-2012 Vishu Bompalli, Executive
Director, Morgan Stanley

Vishu, as our newest client manager in 2012
trusted in
our abillities to help Morgan
Stanley with their staff
needs; His timely response and prompt feedback /> motivated us to stretch further to meet his
expectations and
provide more authentic

February-2012 Richard Wallace, TNSV

Richard, as a client for over 3 years has
contributed by trusting us throughout our
relationship with TNSV,  he has always been
patient and understanding in receiving our
recommendations/solutions .

January-2012 Mayumi Yamashita, VP at
Morgan Stanley

Mayumi, as our newest client manager in 2012
helped us to work fast and efficient by responding
to our clarifications very promptly, even after
work hours & during weekends, also provided us
with the right feedback so to help us work more
diligently going further.

December-2011 Shukoor Ahmed, CEO

Shukoor who has been a great partner for over
years now, has always helped leverage both our
firms\' background for mutual help.This month, he
proactively shared valuable knowledge on the
aspect which our firm is trying to build a

November-2011 Gayle Aschenbrenner, CEO,

Gayle has been a great client, partner and
friend.He  trusted us in partnering with us
to find the right resources for a financial

October-2011 Steve Gilliard, Techweb

Steve has been extremely valuable as a client
over the past few years,he trusted our team\'s
abilities,set the right expectations and mentored
us to perform better.He  also helped us with
referring our services within and outside

September-2011 Eric Levine, Managing
Partner, Levine & Siman

Eric has been extremely patient as a client and
trusted our team completely during the
execution of their website project, and has been
very accommodative with the timelines towards
ensuring to build a good final product.

August-2011 Anil Kasibhatla, Managing
Partner, Param Solutions

Anil has been a great client and partner on
several fronts this month, including setting
mutual goals, accountability, transperancy &
win-win attitude.

July-2011 Susan Markowitz, Director
Of Operations, Creative Data Resources

Susan has been extremely helpful and prompt as
a client through out our relationship with
Creative Data Resources. She has been availalbe
all the time to respond to any clarifications and
resolving issues in the minimum possible time.

June-2011 Darrin Straff, Manging
Partner, Dorsey Group

Darrin contributed by trusting Yagnaum
as a great client and partner and motivated
us to do better, also supported us and our
technical resource to a great extent, by absorbing
even the rate cuts from the end client.

April-2011 Madhukar Kuntamukka,
Technical Architect at Credit Suisse

Madhukar contributed by providing strategic
advice on our Staffing & Solutions
Practice. His contribution has been integrals in
service referrals as well as offering constructive
feedback on our Staffing Services and our
Solutions Practice.

March-2011 Parag Bhatt, CEO, Krispan

Parag has been very professional and patient as
a client and partner, when dealing with a staff
augmentation challenge we had this month.

February-2011 Maya Peyer, Head IT
Applications Support, Credit Suisse

Maya contributed by providing constructive
feedback on yagnaum's staffing services and the
possible ways to enhance our service offerings