Client’s Speak

  • Yagnaum\'s staffing service helped us hire a technology professional with a tough combination of technical and product management skills. From the point of understanding our top criteria, facilitating interview meetings, till & after on -boarding the candidate, Yagnaum\'s partnership was valuable which is rare to find.

    Ben Rabizadeh, CEO,
  • Yagnaum portrayed their authenticity in staffing which I have not seen with other companies. Yagnaum\'s staffing team was super fast in providing us with an amazing professional who we ended up in hiring within 2 days. I highly recommend them as an authentic staffing partner for any company facing hiring challenges.

    Michael Lebor, Founder
  • You guys are incredible

    - Mike Sid, CEO, Mediamorph.
  • This firm is a dream to work with. Their team is superlative and exceeds expectations.

    - Malik Simon, Solutions Architect, Team5.
  • Yagnaum has provided me with excellent and reliable IT consultants. During my search process for IT resources, they offered me various options that fit the skills required for my development team as well as my budget...

    - Roman Manalac, Director of Web Development, Perry Ellis.
  • Yagnaum is developing complex and mission critical web funtionality for our organization and we intend to seek their services on a ongoing basis.

    - Tom Ehlers, President, Method Test Prep.

"Either you roll with new technology, or you get rolled over by it"  That's the history lesson technology teaches us.

It's an entirely new age. Where once content existed only in the form of ponderous books laboriously hand copied by monks and scribes, we now search, save, share information digitally… literally at the speed of light. It's not too hard imagining a future where printing words on paper will be a quaint relic of times past, while technology and commerce will be storing and distributing the sum of human knowledge with the simple click of a mouse.

The traditional Publishing Industry is currently going through seismic shifts in their path towards going digital. But going digital is much more than putting words on the web. As users are demanding a compelling reading experience, publishers are facing novel challenges in their quest towards:

  • Enhancing their brand
  • Increasing circulation & revenue
  • Reducing their publishing & distribution overheads

That's exactly where Yagnaum's exceptional value comes in. Leading brands such as InformationWeek, Wall Street & Technology, DarkReading and Byte trust Yagnaum Systems in partnering with their vital IT Development & Maintenance Initiatives.

With our "3c" philosophy of Commitment, Cost Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement, Yagnaum is in the forefront of providing robust, scalable yet flexible and cost effective solutions to the Publishing Industry, providing a consistent and dependable Return on Investment.

Our Key Areas of Expertise

Web : PHP, Joomla, Drupal, J2EE, Microsoft Technologies

Mobile: IOS, Android & Blackberry Platforms

Digital Marketingy: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Link Building

Staffing: Contract, Contract to Hire & Full Time Staffing Solutions

Our Portfolio


  • Informationweek

  • Wallstreet
    & Technology

  • dark Reading

  • BYTE

  • Bank Systems
    & Technology

  • Dr. Dobbs

  • Light Reading

  • Network Computing

  • Advanced Trading

  • Internet Evolution

  • Informationweek


Benefits Of Partnering With Us:

  • Digitize your content in 10 days – or less!
  • Increase your circulation by 25%
  • Increase your revenue by 30%
  • Decrease your costs by 40%

Why You Should Choose Us:

  • Our driving motto is simply… Your Vision. Our Passion.
  • We've helped major brands like InformationWeek, Wall Street & Technology, DarkReading, Byte, LightReading – and we'll help you as well.
  • Our Optimal Shoring Model distributes our expert team structure across multiple geographical locations, providing cost effective, workable solutions.
  • Our Guarantee: On Time & On Budget. It'll be right – or we'll make it right!

What Our Clients Say:

From site concept to creation to online execution, Yagnaum has provided insightful development support at every critical juncture of our business development. Yagnaum is clearly focused on business outcomes rather than technology inputs, making for an interesting and productive partnership.
- Richard Wallace
Founder, Editor & Publishing Director,
The Next Silicon Valley Limited

For more information on how our Publishing Business tailored Solutions might help you, please contact sales at 732 582 2573 or