Client’s Speak

  • Yagnaum\'s staffing service helped us hire a technology professional with a tough combination of technical and product management skills. From the point of understanding our top criteria, facilitating interview meetings, till & after on -boarding the candidate, Yagnaum\'s partnership was valuable which is rare to find.

    Ben Rabizadeh, CEO,
  • Yagnaum portrayed their authenticity in staffing which I have not seen with other companies. Yagnaum\'s staffing team was super fast in providing us with an amazing professional who we ended up in hiring within 2 days. I highly recommend them as an authentic staffing partner for any company facing hiring challenges.

    Michael Lebor, Founder
  • You guys are incredible

    - Mike Sid, CEO, Mediamorph.
  • This firm is a dream to work with. Their team is superlative and exceeds expectations.

    - Malik Simon, Solutions Architect, Team5.
  • Yagnaum has provided me with excellent and reliable IT consultants. During my search process for IT resources, they offered me various options that fit the skills required for my development team as well as my budget...

    - Roman Manalac, Director of Web Development, Perry Ellis.
  • Yagnaum is developing complex and mission critical web funtionality for our organization and we intend to seek their services on a ongoing basis.

    - Tom Ehlers, President, Method Test Prep.

WonderSearch(TM) Suite

“Search, Sure to embrace“

A rapid, comprehensive and cost effective search solution that supports any kind of data.

WonderSearch(TM) suite can be used as an out of the box solution to support Multiple data formats and enables display of results super fast with very little effort.

Why WonderSearch(TM)

Search technologies have been playing a vital role in IT catering to the needs of various organizations. Over the years organizations have acquired huge data and now the challenge for every organization is to search and present most relevant information to its users. Also accommodate ever growing demands for data accumulation & search.

Currently there not many "Out of the box Search Solutions" available in market that can fit to the needs of start-ups to the mid-size organizations.  Realizing this fact, Yagnaum developed WonderSearch(TM) Suite that can help such organizations to integrate search related functionalities into their existing applications.

WonderSearch(TM) Suite is developed completely based on Open-Source, industry proven technologies that in-turn provides organizations a solution that is most cost-effective yet with high performance   highly scalability.

A quick comparison of WonderSearch(TM) to Google Site Search:
S.No Feature WonderSearch(TM) Suite Google Site Search
1 Display search results with based on custom fields relevant to Site YES Limited
2 Data access filters for securing information YES Limited
3 Extensive support for classification of search results that makes user to drill down YES Limited
4 Extensive Support for different Document types – HTML , Database, PDF, Images etc YES Limited
5 Maintenance fees NO YES
6 Additional Charges for increasing queries / user traffic NO YES

Features: Highlights

  • Helps organizations to quickly set-up and implement web-site search functionality
  • Provides a platform for organizations to implement search solutions for different operational / access systems such as – inventory, catalogue, content systems to mention few.
  • Provides most secured access to information since it’s built completely with the Client network / storage - so client has more control over the data.
  • High quality search - leads high sales conversion rate.
    • Advanced feature such as :
      • Auto complete
      • Similar Items / Suggestions
      • Spelling corrections.
    • Provides most relevant results
    • Highly customizable search functionality
    • Enhanced search classification features ( Facets)
  • Integration with existing application
    • Supports multiple access features to integrate with any existing platform / new applications
    • Multiple formats for the search results enables quickly display results with little effort.
  • Document Support
    • Can search huge variety of document/content types including :
      • Database table data
      • HTML Content
      • Microsoft Windows etc.
      • PDF
      • Images
    • With help of additional plug-ins can support almost any type of data
  • Development / Deployment
    • With rich out-of-box features your search application can be available with very low development / customization efforts
    • Offers wide variety of deployment options.
  • Performance
    • High performance
    • Highly scalable with ever-growing demands 
    • Its architecture supports huge set of indices in a standalone / distributed systems.
  • Costs / Licensing
    • Truly open source solution  - Almost no costs
    • You will never pay for your growing data / usage !
  • WonderSearch(TM) Suite is fully backed   by unmatched Customer/Technical support form Yagnaum.

For more information on how WonderSearch(TM) can help your organization implement your vast data search rapidly yet cost effectively, please contact sales at 732 582 2573 or