Client’s Speak

  • Yagnaum\'s staffing service helped us hire a technology professional with a tough combination of technical and product management skills. From the point of understanding our top criteria, facilitating interview meetings, till & after on -boarding the candidate, Yagnaum\'s partnership was valuable which is rare to find.

    Ben Rabizadeh, CEO,
  • Yagnaum portrayed their authenticity in staffing which I have not seen with other companies. Yagnaum\'s staffing team was super fast in providing us with an amazing professional who we ended up in hiring within 2 days. I highly recommend them as an authentic staffing partner for any company facing hiring challenges.

    Michael Lebor, Founder
  • You guys are incredible

    - Mike Sid, CEO, Mediamorph.
  • This firm is a dream to work with. Their team is superlative and exceeds expectations.

    - Malik Simon, Solutions Architect, Team5.
  • Yagnaum has provided me with excellent and reliable IT consultants. During my search process for IT resources, they offered me various options that fit the skills required for my development team as well as my budget...

    - Roman Manalac, Director of Web Development, Perry Ellis.
  • Yagnaum is developing complex and mission critical web funtionality for our organization and we intend to seek their services on a ongoing basis.

    - Tom Ehlers, President, Method Test Prep.

MethodTestPrep Success Story

Business Situation: provides online SAT course learning, which effectively prepares a student for every aspect of the SAT and ACT tests at a fraction of the cost of a private tutor. The client already had a live site but required many fixes and enhancements to be made by a specific period of time.

The enhancements required were as follows:

  • Adding test levels and subscription management easily through an administrator interface
  • Providing options to track results
  • Assessing students’ strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas
  • New reporting requirements

The main challenge was to understand the already-built application structure and its current functionality. There were numerous sources embedded and used within the application. While the application was developed in MVC architecture using core php and a smart templating engine, the administration component was developed using a Symfony framework. In addition, zend libraries were used for caching.

Any coding we did to make the necessary enhancements involved working with the existing file system, and making use of pre existing functions. We also had to add these supplementary business functions to meet the new system requirements without having any negative impact on current users. The site had 18,000 active users and not affecting them added some limitations to our development efforts.

Yagnaum Solution :
To have a thorough understanding of the application in its current state, we set it up on our development server. For each enhancement that the client requested, we reviewed that specific functionality as it existed in the application. Once tested, we would run a full analysis for a fix or solution for that particular request and share our findings or workaround with the client. Review the files that were involved and discuss the efforts to come up with a suitable timeline and scheduled dates for implementation. Once we received approval from the client, we worked on that particular enhancement, tested it thoroughly, made sure the client approved the results and only then moved it to the production server.

This development method worked well for us and we were able to provide the following value-added enhancements to the existing application:
  • Subscription management for students and schools
  • Automated the test process and displaying of the test result after completion. We provided the option to view each question, whether it was answered correctly or incorrectly, and the explanation of the answer to each question. We also further provided the option to print the entire exam with answers and explanations.
  • Developed an intuitive interface to upload the new tests for the selected subject and type. Using a predefined CSV file structure in the interface, the site admin could now download the CSV file and add test questions as well as answer options.
  • Provided ‘Strength Levels’ for the tests. New registered users were provided with an easy level of the test - based on their scoring, the difficulty level was increased progressively. An interface to check previous tests taken and their cumulative score was also included
  • Developed Road map or Simple to-do lists so that users could learn specific suggested lessons and subsequently take tests in a particular order.
  • Developed a reporting system to be used by different user roles (e.g. schools and site admin) where each report could be downloaded in either Excel or Word format.
  • Created Student Report to give complete details of the students, the number of tests taken, max, min and average scores of the test.
  • Created Login Report to give the number of users logged in for a given date range.
  • Created Question Breakdown Report that showed the number of questions asked and answered correctly and incorrectly - grouped by each student, subject and test type. This report gave the hierarchy structure of the scores, and showed the number of questions answered by all the students of the school and classified the results into classes, subjects and student levels.
  • Developed Subscription Report to provide the details of number of different types of paid subscriptions over the given date range.

Impact and Result:
We accomplished our goal of enhancing the current application by adding in the requested functionality without impacting the current users. Some of our methods for success included thorough testing and analysis:
  • The deployment of any change on the live site was only after thorough QC and UAT on our development server.
  • The initial analysis of the project and the phased approach of putting in each enhancement with the client’s thorough understanding helped greatly, where we could clarify UAT issues with the client on the development server, before going live.

The client was so pleased with our approach, that we were re-engaged for additional projects that involved similar rounds of enhancement, indicating their confidence in our approach and the results we delivered.