Client’s Speak

  • Yagnaum\'s staffing service helped us hire a technology professional with a tough combination of technical and product management skills. From the point of understanding our top criteria, facilitating interview meetings, till & after on -boarding the candidate, Yagnaum\'s partnership was valuable which is rare to find.

    Ben Rabizadeh, CEO,
  • Yagnaum portrayed their authenticity in staffing which I have not seen with other companies. Yagnaum\'s staffing team was super fast in providing us with an amazing professional who we ended up in hiring within 2 days. I highly recommend them as an authentic staffing partner for any company facing hiring challenges.

    Michael Lebor, Founder
  • You guys are incredible

    - Mike Sid, CEO, Mediamorph.
  • This firm is a dream to work with. Their team is superlative and exceeds expectations.

    - Malik Simon, Solutions Architect, Team5.
  • Yagnaum has provided me with excellent and reliable IT consultants. During my search process for IT resources, they offered me various options that fit the skills required for my development team as well as my budget...

    - Roman Manalac, Director of Web Development, Perry Ellis.
  • Yagnaum is developing complex and mission critical web funtionality for our organization and we intend to seek their services on a ongoing basis.

    - Tom Ehlers, President, Method Test Prep.

InformationWeek App

InformationWeek is the anchor brand for the InformationWeek Business Technology Network -- a powerful portfolio of resources that span the technology market, including security with, storage with, application architecture with, network architecture with, communications with and internet innovation with Through its multi-media platform and unique content-in-context information distribution system, the InformationWeek Business Technology Network provides trusted information developed both by editors and real-world IT professionals delivered how and when business technology executives want it, 24/7.

Information Week magazine reaches 440,000 business technology professionals at more than a quarter million unique locations. Information Week’s mission is to help CIOs and IT executives define and frame their business technology objectives. Over the last 29 years, IT professionals have responded with unparalleled loyalty.

As a traditional media publisher that has recognized the necessity of engaging their users thru mobile applications as well as reach new users through this next gen media platform. Information Week has both magazine and online versions of their magazine that caters to technology experts and executives in the tech industry.

Information Week reached out to Yagnaum to develop an iPad app in the winter of 2010 with the following goals in mind:
  • To be able to provide the day's most vital IT news and commentary to its existing and new customer’s in a mobile way that’s easy and flexible.
  • To maximize revenue by monetizing their mobile traffic with sponsorship ads.
  • To acquire new users

Solutions / Benefits
Yagnaum partnered with Information Week to develop an app that would address the primary goals and brought to a life an iPad app that exceeded the client’s expectations. The app launched March 2011.

The mobile app features one-touch access to breaking news, stories and commentary complied daily by InformationWeek's editors.

Among the benefits is viewing and navigation is optimized for the iPad, with clean links to news and commentary in five main categories: cloud computing, security, software, mobility and Global CIO. The app also makes it incredibly easy to share content via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.
Download InformationWeek’s iPad app for free from the iTunes app store today. TOP